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Exceptional Italian coffee and goods. Proud and excited to be serving & selling you Quarta Caffè Coffee from Lecce IT, as well as other specially imported Italian products such as Cardone pastas & sauces, Congedi olive oils, taralli, cornetti, WACACO Nanopresso portable espresso machines, La Pavoni espresso machines & some great local Finnish treats.

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Quarta Caffè Coffee

We discovered Quarta over 10 years ago & were instantly hooked. No joke, since then we have been bringing "smuggling" ;) it back home to Finland for ourselves & friends, & straight up loving life because of it.

Quarta Caffè, hails from Lecce in the Salento region of Southern Italy, beginning in the 1950's & in our opinion... The best coffee ever, hands down!


Bulk Whole Bean Or Pre-packaged Quarta Caffè Coffee


Top Italian Goods, Specially Imported


Beautiful Hand Painted Italian Ceramics


Olive Oil






Pasta Sauce


Pastes & Creams


Made In Finland Chocolates & Baked Goods


La Pavoni Espresso Machines


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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machines


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